Top 6 foods for weight gain (Bulking)

How to gain weight?

Now I understand that fitness and muscles have become the thing in our town. It is not just about being healthy anymore –people also want to feel stronger and look good. People say losing fat is the worst thing to do –the most difficult thing that someone has ever had to do. What some don’t know is that building muscle is also not a piece of cake. If you do it correctly, you have to go through the whole process of bulking and then cutting. If you are weight/health conscious then bulking will always be a tricky thing for you. You need to be extremely smart so you bulk up but do not let it have its adverse effects on your health. Here I have listed down some of the foods that can help with bulking but otherwise are really healthy.

Nut butter

Nut and nut butter

Nuts are an excellent source of HDL –the good cholesterol in our body and unsaturated nuts. They have a rich caloric value, you can gain weight by adding them to your meals. 10 almonds have around 100 calories. A few years ago, we only had the option of peanut butter. The famous combo of the time –peanut butter and jelly sandwich which by the way is still my favorite. Now we have the option of almond butter and walnut butter. There is also cashew butter. Not just that, nut butter helps in lowering the bad lipids. You can either spread it on toast or pair it with fruits like bananas or apples. Some people also add it to their daily protein shakes, it’s a good flavor and helps with bulking.


It is the best source of protein in my opinion. It also has micronutrients which are good for our health otherwise. So as you know that our muscles tend to break down before repair after vigorous activity, Salmon really helps with reducing that post-workout muscle breakdown. It thereby preserves muscle mass and is excellent for the bulking process. Instead of going for tinned salmon, one should opt for salmon fillets to pair with rice or have with salads. A 100 gm fillet has 180 calories, a whopping 23 grams of protein and 10 grams of fat.

Whole eggs

It has almost become a habit to discard the egg yolks when I make my eggs. It was a pleasant surprise when I recently read a research article on the perks of consuming egg yolks for bulking. The yolk is one of the few foods that contain an ample quantity of the B vitamin choline. Choline is half of the greatest number of neurotransmitter in the body—acetylcholine—it is really the chemical behind every body movement. By having the yolk, you increase your choline by 50%, which will boost your nerves and muscles to fire up.

Lean Beef

Quite clearly, eating lean beef is not the cleanest method to gain weight. But I believe it is based on the selection of the cut. There are a lot of options available but you should opt for one that is labeled loin or round and you should slice away any visible fat before cooking to ensure a high-quality protein source. However, if you are not about clean bulking, then you can freely have any cut without bothering about the composition of your cut. It is best for bulking because it is a natural source of creatine and one of the best sources of stearic acid, a unique saturated fat that has no impact on your cholesterol level. But creatine kinase is an important component of your muscle and having a source in your diet will improve its level of muscles. However, there are precautions to consuming lean beef. You shouldn’t have a poor kidney function or a high amount of uric acid before you opt for beef to gain weight.


Oatmeal is a great source of carbohydrates. It is also a decent source of protein as well –makes it essential for muscle growth, repair, and protein synthesis, this helps in the recovery process post work-out. One average sized serving of oatmeal contains around 5 grams of protein, which isn’t that great. However, if you make it with milk, you can increase the protein content. The best thing about oats is that they release energy slowly, so they are constantly supplying fuel to the muscles. There doesn’t come a time when the muscles have to utilize their own reserves when there is a slow but constant release of energy in the body.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is a great way to curb cravings and maintain bulking while avoiding a burst of sugar. One 100 gms bar contains around 180-190 calories depending upon the selection and additional ingredients.

Maliha Naeem

Maliha Naeem

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I am a Certified Pilates mat instructor, studying to be a Doctor and also a fitness and nutrition blogger. I create recipes and provide tips on how to incorporate all the healthy food in your diet. I believe in addition of healthy habits/food into one’s routine before omission of bad ones. I am not a believer in a quick fix solution to being healthy and losing weight. Baby steps is what you take when you aim high!