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Including natural, whole food ingredients into your diet can provide many advantages. 

Try making small changes to your diet by introducing a selection of raw organic foods, non-dairy protein powders, natural sweeteners and organic seeds. Indulge your body with an abundance of nutrients and realise how good your body is designed to feel.

Eat well, feel better, wellness begins from within.

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Organic Chia Super Seeds

Save ₨399

Organic Peanut Butter

Save ₨190

Organic Cacao Nibs

Save ₨399

Organic Cacao Powder

Save ₨439

Organic Agave Syrup


Organic Spirulina Tablets

Save ₨799

Organic Maple Syrup


Organic Whey Protein

from ₨2,069

100% Coconut Oil

from ₨1,380
Save up to: ₨1,519

Organic Spirulina Powder

Save ₨679

Organic Hemp Protein Powder

Save ₨1,039

Organic Hemp Super Seeds

Save ₨519

Organic Cacao Liquor Buttons

Save ₨439

Organic Maca Powder

Save ₨1,280

Organic Chlorella Tablets

Save ₨1,030

Organic Guarana Powder

Save ₨799

Organic Wheatgrass Powder


Organic Cacao Butter Buttons

Save ₨999

Organic Chlorella Powder

Save ₨1,239

Organic Cacao Beans

Save ₨719

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