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Vitamins & Minerals

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Vitamins and minerals are an important part of your diet. They’re involved in lots of important functions in the body, so making sure you hit your recommended daily allowance is key to keeping fit and healthy.

It can be difficult to get the amount you need through diet alone, which is why our vitamin and mineral supplements can be a great solution. Don’t know where to start? Take a look at our breakdown of the best vitamin supplements, or check out our Vitamins for Men and Vitamins for Women ranges.

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Alpha Men Multivitamin

from ₨1,049
Save up to: ₨2,790


Save ₨1,700

Daily Multivitamin

from ₨499
Save up to: ₨2,030

Vitamin C Plus

from ₨729
Save up to: ₨2,030


from ₨1,599
Save up to: ₨3,800


from ₨1,049
Save up to: ₨2,000

Calcium & Magnesium

from ₨729
Save up to: ₨4,530

Diet Aid

from ₨1,119
Save up to: ₨6,020

Chromium Picolinate

Save ₨1,940

Electrolyte Plus

Save ₨1,200

Iron & Folic Acid

Save ₨1,940

Vitamin B12

from ₨620

THE Thermo-X™

from ₨2,749
Save up to: ₨4,900

Calcium & Vitamin D3

Save ₨1,670

Vitamin E

from ₨749
Save up to: ₨1,450


Save ₨2,760

Chewable Vitamin C

Save ₨1,870

Curcumin & Vitamin D3

from ₨999
Save up to: ₨4,000

Vegan Vitamin D3

from ₨896

Caffeine-Free Garcinia

Save ₨3,890

THE Thermo™

from ₨2,299
Save up to: ₨3,950


from ₨689

Montmorency Cherry & Vitamin C

from ₨896

A-Z Multivitamin


Vitamin B

from ₨379
Save up to: ₨1,940

Pump Enhancer

Save ₨3,250

Vegan A-Z Multivitamin

from ₨1,103

Vegan Glucosamine & Phytodroitin

from ₨1,655

Vitamin D3 Elite

Save ₨1,860

Immunity Plus

from ₨1,656

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