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Fibre Supplements & Essential Fats

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Fibre and essential fats are an important part of any balanced diet. They play a key number of roles in your body and they have to come from what you eat — popular sources of fibre are vegetables and whole grains and popular sources of essential fatty acids are oily fish such as salmon.

This can often by expensive and time-consuming, which is why we’ve got a range of fibre supplements and essential fatty acid supplements such as 100% Inulin and Essential Omega-3 . To discover what's best for you, check out our best fibre supplements and best fatty acid supplements, or take a look below.

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Pure Caffeine

5.0 1
from ₨469
Save up to: ₨1,790


from ₨1,249
Save up to: ₨2,600


from ₨749
Save up to: ₨1,650

100% Instant Oats

from ₨899
Save up to: ₨3,140

100% Rolled Oats

from ₨809
Save up to: ₨2,900

100% Inulin

from ₨1,159
Save up to: ₨3,050


Save ₨1,350


Save ₨1,730

Aloe Vera

Save ₨1,570

Glucosamine HCL

from ₨1,049
Save up to: ₨3,760


Save ₨170

Gingko Biloba

Save ₨2,160

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