Gym Motivation | Tips To Motivate & Reward Yourself

Many believe there’s a reason not everyone is able to become a regular at the gym. If it was that easy, we’d all be doing it. Except, it really is. And we all should be doing it. A few simple tricks are all it takes to be on top of your fitness challenges and goals. This will prepare and train you to keep yourself motivated through dark times.

Reward yourself – you deserve it!

Setting fitness goals and challenges are important, but sometimes rewarding yourself is just as important. Eventually, your brain starts to anticipate the rewards and craves the process that leads up to it. How do you reward yourself to get a demanding workout? Rewarding yourself is a great way to instil a sense of achievement after reaching a milestone, and helps spur you on to set more and more targets.

 Gym clothes and accessories

Gym clothing

Numerous studies have shown that buying clothes can instantly improve our mood. So naturally, buying gym clothes after we have achieved a target will follow the same principle and improve our morale. Seeing yourself at the gym in your new gear is bound to make you feel proud and confident. Spending money, even if it is a modest amount, on gym clothes and accessories will also act as an incentive for you to hit the gym. Where else are you going to wear that new gym apparel?

Good music

When you start the gym, there’s no secret that it’s easy to lose motivation as compared to a seasoned gym goer. Music acts as a positive distraction, getting you to push harder while at the same time making you less aware of your exertion. It also has the ability to elevate your mood, something that you are going to need when you question whether it’s worth it. Yes, it is. Music will be your best friend, getting you through the tough times, and power through that last rep (which does matter!).

Cheat day     

Cheat Day

Staying in line with the theme, that is, rewarding yourself, there is no greater way to do so than through a cheat day. Cheat days will always result in helping you feel satisfied. They also act as a break from your diet and routine – something which can prove to be quite monotonous and draining. If in the case of a strict diet, cheat days may be necessary, as they provide you with the nutrients (mainly fats and sugars) that you are sacrificing otherwise.

Get in routine!

Getting in routine is absolutely vital in all aspects of life, and that includes the gym. It’s important to integrate the gym into our daily routine, as it seems less of an outlier then. In fact, it alters our whole approach towards the gym. The gym just becomes another place we have to go that day, as opposed to some herculean task that has to be conquered.

We should be looking to keep this mantra of routine within the gym too. Having some form of workout routine is extremely beneficial in achieving your fitness goals, and it’s not just for those heavy bodybuilders. Having a plan can help you monitor and track your progress in a systematic manner.

Fun workouts

The best workouts are those which don’t feel like workouts. Always look for ways to make your workouts as enjoyable as possible. One way is by having a gym buddy. Friendly competition has never killed anyone, and that’s exactly what they bring to the table. Gym buddies keep you pushing yourself and in doing so act as a source of motivation during your workouts.

Another method to keep your workouts interesting is by not sticking to one routine. While routine is important as mentioned above, having the same one can be monotonous and boring. It’s a good idea to switch routines (key here being still having a routine!) from time to time. This keeps your body guessing which is helpful as it is unable to settle and is constantly being pushed through different methods. It’s also mentally beneficial as you are less likely to feel disinterested and dull.

When you embark on this journey, remember to keep yourself motivated however you can. This can be through rewarding yourself with some clothes or a cheat day. It can also be through adopting a routine, getting a gym buddy, or even switching that routine up from time to time!

Shayan Raza

Shayan Raza

Writer and expert

Shayan Raza is a fitness and sport enthusiast who writes about workouts and supplements. He represents his college football team and frequently carries out research regarding various supplements.